No. 59 Scott’s Walk-Up Bar-B-Q

No. 59

Today we trekked up to Cartersville, GA for the Booth Western Art Museum cowboy days events, and once we were done being seriously impressed by that museum, we had a hankerin’ for some BBQ. I asked a local that worked at the museum for a recommendation and he did not do us wrong! He pointed us around the corner, yes a very short walk, from the museum to Scott’s Walk-Up Bar-B-Q on Tennessee St. The restaurant is simple, not fancy, but that’s fine, we’re here for the food right! in 2010 Atlanta Magazine gave Scott’s some ‘props’ and I would say it was well deserved. The pork had very good texture and moisture, it’s pulled, not chopped, great pink smoke ring, bark, and solid flavor all on its own without sauce, but speaking of sauces Scott’s had three and they were all good.

1. The, what I would call traditional Georgia sauce – it’s red, definitely based on ketchup, sweet and tangy – a nice and easy sauce.

2. Vinegar based sauce, completely runny and spicy, but not burn you up with heat and not flavor spicy, this was good stuff.

3. Mustard sauce – had to ask for this one as it was not on every table, but it’s good and you should ask for it. Peppery and yellow mustard tangy – I would prefer a little less yellow mustard taste, but still a solid sauce.

I had the combo plate with pulled pork and ribs, with 2 sides (slaw and Brunswick stew) pickles and a slice of white bread – at just under $10, a very good deal. I really liked the slaw, finely chopped cabbage, mayo based slaw, but not swimming in liquid. The stew was ok, I’ve enjoyed others better, but it’s worth a try if you like Brunswick Stew. I also got to try the beans, which had good flavor, I want to say I tasted green bell pepper, which I personally don’t love, but that’s my preference…maybe it was something else I was tasting, but it wasn’t over powering – I did like the beans which were also a little meaty/smokey too; so did my two year old who ate most of his before a motorcycle thoroughly distracted him from finishing lunch.

I really enjoyed my ribs, they were just right, requiring the right amount of pull off of the bone and a great dry rub – no sauce needed, none; they stood on their own just fine. My wife had the chicken and said it was quite tender, especially the white meat, which can too often become dry. It must have been good, because I realize, I did not get one bite!

Hands down, I highly recommend Scott’s if you are in Cartersville. It’s just a short drive off I-75 and worth the detour.


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