No. 61 Big D’s BBQ

No. 61 Big D’s BBQ Dawsonville, GA

Stopped at Big D’s Tuesday evening on the way back to Atlanta from Amicalola Falls State Park. From the outside I thought the place looked like it had potential to be good, but ended up somewhat disappointed in the food. On the menu they had something called the “Brownie” sandwich (sold out that day), which is where they take all of the good outer bark of the pork butt and make it a sandwich…needless to say my pork plate (luke warm) contained zero outer goodness. I got the mac and cheese and hush puppies as sides. The puppies had good flavor, but weren’t exactly fresh from the fryer. They had a touch of sweetness, kernels of corn, and really if they were fresh from the fryer I am certain I would have loved them. The mac and cheese however was not good; I actually did not finish it. The cheese was like a thick, starchy velveeta, just not pleasant at all. The pulled pork wasn’t memorable, but the two sauces I tried were fine; I had a vinegar sauce and a thicker red sauce. We also tried  some fried pickles – definitely hot from the fryer, crispy and good, with a side of tangy ranch dip.


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