reblogged: Barbecue Digest: How L.B.J. nearly brought BBQ to NYC

Political Pork.

Poor LBJ, had his hankering for BBQ shut down by city slickers in NY. Read here on CNN’s Eatocracy.


Bone Lick BBQ opens in West Midtown Atlanta today

I had Mike’s Bone Lick BBQ one time at it’s former home P’cheen, just up the street from where I work… I know it’s a shame I did not go more often! Well now I can get it anytime of the week rather than just Monday nights, because they are open on the west side, and if the BBQ wasn’t enough, there is a skeeball machine too!

update: article on the AJC saying much the same – BLBBQ is open for business.

If only it were a hickory tree

In the crazy wind and rain last night that was dropping trees all over the place, across Atlanta, Fox Bros. BBQ got hit by one and the restaurant is temporarily closed.  Hopefully they can open again sooner rather than later! And video here. And more photos like the one below.