Sauces from the store

I went to our local “farmer’s market” this weekend, which is really a giant warehouse of awesomeness called Your DeKalb County Farmer’s Market, over on the east side of Decatur, GA. I love this place, as do lots and lots of other people because it is always the busiest place on earth. We have the busiest airport and the busiest farmer’s market right here in Atlanta!

So I was shopping hungry, always a bad idea, and in doing so started grabbing things to buy that probably could have waited until another trip. I came home with three bottles of BBQ sauce.  One is McCutcheon’s Apple Butter Barbecue Sauce. I love apple butter, I love bbq sauce; sounds good to me. Ingredients include apples, sugar ketchup, apple juice, vinegar, mustard, ground horseradish, molasses, celery seed, chili, onion, and garlic powders. We get McCutcheon’s jams, jellies, and preserves on a regular basis and have always liked them so I am sure this will not disappoint. McCutcheon’s is from Historic Frederick, MD; been there since 1938.

Also picked up two from Tai Hua Food of Singapore. I got the straight-up Barbecue Sauce which the label says is “a perfect sauce for any meat such as chicken wing, beef or mutton ribs.” Mmm, mutton…not sure that’s tops on my list to cook. The other is the Satay BBQ Sauce. The Barbecue sauce is a tomato base with sugar, fermented soy bean, garlic, chili, rice vinegar and a few other ingredients. The Satay sauce is a peanut base with chili, garlic, soy bean oil, ginger, lemon grass, and a few other ingredients.

I hope to report back that all three are tasty!


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