No. 67 Sandfly BBQ

Finally, I got to Sandfly BBQ! My brother has been taunting me with this place practically every time we visit Savannah, but we’ve never gone. We’ve been to Wiley’s Championship BBQ, Wall’s, Papa’s, Blowin’ Smoke, but never yet Sandfly, until now. Oh and my brother wasn’t with me, Doh. We’re going back to Savannah soon for a visit and I think I will have to make sure to go back and try more of the offerings of Sandfly. It’s in a little strip mall off Skidaway Road near the Isle of Hope and Skidaway Island – I was actually in town visiting Skidaway Island State Park – if you need a place to camp I highly recommend it. The interior of the restaurant has a lot of charm and character. The menu was a colorfully written on a large chalkboard behind the counter and some additional offerings/specials were written down and taped to the counter top. You order at the counter, make your offering to the pigs and then wait for the goods to come to your table.

I ordered what I tend to order the first time I visit any bbq joint – pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens. The plate came and frankly I thought the portions looked small, but I felt full for hours afterward, so the basket must have just been big! The pork was exceptional, smoky, tender, crusty in parts; it needed no sauce but was happy to have any of the few offerings on the table. They have a mustard based sauce, but it seemed to be a hybrid between a mustard and a ketchup base to me. Really good flavor, nice spicy finish, and a good vinegar/mustard kick, but without the bright yellow that is typical of the mustard styles. Two other red sauces on the table, one was more vinegar based than the other and I liked them both as well. You can buy the Sandfly Sauce by the bottle, $7.99 – worth taking home.

They offer the typical pork, beef, chicken, and ribs, plus smoked sausage and a good selection of sides. One of my dining companions got the smoked sausage sandwich, and it was huge; I am surprised he polished the whole thing off in one sitting. Sides include slaw, beans, fried okra, mac-n-cheese, green beans, brunswick stew, fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries, tater salad, and collard greens. The mac was righteously cheesy and the collards full of flavor. The plate also came with a side of Texas Toast. I ate every last bite.



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