Sprayberry’s Barbecue


Was down Newnan-way this week and stopped at Sprayberry’s for lunch…the one out by the interstate. It doesn’t have the same charm as the location in town but it has the bbq and really that’s all that matters. I had a chopped pork sandwich, slaw, and mac-n-cheese. It was all pretty good. I think next time I should try the sliced pork or even the whole fried catfish. The mac was homemade, but not the best, needed some salt and was kind of greasy or wet. The slaw is sliced cabbage, some green bell pepper, vinegar and sugar. I dislike green bell pepper so I could only taste the tannic nip of the pepper – not my style. I like a bit more complex slaw than these simple kinds…I’ve made the simple vinegar slaw myself too, it just needs a little more seasoning and color to be really good.They sauce the pork on the sandwich a little and then bring a dish to the table with extra for spooning on. It’s, as you can see bright, rich red thin and tangy; pretty good stuff. All-in-all Sprayberry’s is ok based on the couple of times I’ve been there. I’d stop again, but I’ve had much better ‘que elsewhere.