Anna’s BBQ, Kirkwood

I made my first visit to Anna’s BBQ in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta this weekend, and I have to say it was quite good, definitely work a visit.


Anna’s is clearly a family run joint with family photos on the wall and mama in the kitchen cooking up some good ‘cue and sides. I had the ribs combo with pulled pork, Mac-n-cheese and collards. The ribs had a great smoke ring and were almost falling off the bone…some bbq judge might think they released the bone to easily, but I was the judge Saturday and I judge them delicious.


The pulled pork was tender, but with some great crispy bites from the outside of the butt. They put sauce on the pork and ribs, and there’s only one bbq sauce on the table, aside from a bottle of hot sauce. If you want to control your sauce, make sure to ask for the meat dry. However, the sauce, simple as it was too choose from one, was good; A little sweet, a little tangy, and nothin’ to shake a stick at. It was a good compliment to the meat.


Sides were good too, the Mac-n-cheese was a tad bland for my liking, but still good. I hit it with a dash of salt and was good to go. It’s real baked Mac, not some of the Velveeta slop some places try to pass off as macaroni and cheese. The collards were meaty, and a dash of pepper vinegar from the table bottle made them even better. My big old plate of food came with just one small cornbread muffin, I wish I had three it was so good, this is my kind of cornbread, reminded me of the muffins Weaver D makes over in Athens.



All-in-all, my first impression of Anna’s is that it’s a solid bbq joint where you will leave with a full belly and satisfied taste buds. The menu is fairly broad with ribs, pork, chicken, rib tips, wings, and I think brisket. A sign on the wall said they have a fried chicken special on Fridays, 3 full wings fried, and some sides. I want to go back for the fried wings!




3 Comments on “Anna’s BBQ, Kirkwood”

  1. Terry Flowers says:


  2. Mary R. says:

    Had lunch today my eight visit the greens wasn’t good at all my ribs were not cooked enough and on top of that a rouch crawling on my table this maybe my last visit

  3. Mary R. says:

    Had dinner tonight at Anna’s pull pork,ribs combo,mac.cheese,collards,corn muffin was very disappointed mac.cheese dry,tasteless corn muffin dry greens was greasy and salty,pull pork dry,ribs tough,not what i’m used to getting here…asked around,cause live in area say they have new cooks now was very disappointed tonight…..hope it gets better loved eating here in the past….

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