A return visit to Big D’s BBQ

Wow, it’s been 3+ years since I first visited Big D’s BBQ in Dawsonville, GA. They are still going strong, and I have to say are doing something few other southern bbq joints ever attempt, they are open on Sunday! We were in after 1 and the line was out the door and all the tables were full. Something else they are doing that most bbq places aren’t (this is the first I can recall seeing) is serving a substantial breakfast.


My son wanted to try the ribs this time but they were temporarily out, and we weren’t waiting another hour; judging by how busy they were, I wasn’t surprised. I got the pork plate, hush puppies and slaw. Pork was still fine, but they save all the bark for their special sandwich (mentioned in my earlier post), which they were serving still that afternoon, and I now wish I had ordered it. Hush puppies were good, and the slaw was a spittin’ image of The Colonels at KFC. It tasted exactly like KFC slaw, down to the same size chop.



I also got to taste the pulled chicken and okra, both were solid, nothing to rave about, but no complaints. We did order the pickles again, still quite good, hot and crispy, and that’s what’s important with a good fried pickle; got to be crisp on the outside.


My son was enamored with the various stock car body panels hung inside the dining room; the place has a good ‘cue joint atmosphere, and the staff is very nice. Might be hit or miss at times, but they certainly have a local fan base, safe to say, try Big D’s for yourself if you are in the area, especially on a Sunday!



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