Greater Good BBQ is Good

We made a lunch stop at the relatively new Greater Good BBQ in the Oakhurst / East Lake neighborhoods today.  I do believe this is the 2nd outpost of GGBBQ that started over in Tucker. We were very pleasantly and genuinely greeted when we arrived.  The restaurant is bright and happy, with a big patio that will be nice on summer nights. Though you walk right in to the counter and cash register, the restaurant is full table service.

We tried the pulled pork, ribs, collards, baked beans, and mac n cheese. All was very good, the meat was moist, tender, with a nice balance of smoke and bar; good without sauce and well complimented with any of the 4 sauces. I favored the Carolina sauce and the Hot. The hot seemed to have a good kick of cumin, whatever it was, I liked it.

The mac n chesse was good and clearly baked, where as the baked beans are not baked. There is also an overly earthiness to the beans. I think it might be an over abundance of celery seed, maybe even some green pepper helping to pump the savory taste. I’ve run into this flavor in the beans at other places. I’m not a huge fan, I like sweeter baked beans as opposed to the more savory stewed beans. You get some white bread with a meat plate, but it’s not just a slice, it is a delicious, lightly grilled piece of TX toast. 

We’ll definitely be back.  The prices are good and more importantly the food is really good, and the service was great. 


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