Old Brick Pit Bar-B-Q, since 1976

I paid a visit to the Old Brick Pit Bar-B-Q on Peachtree Road nestles in between Chamblee and Brookhaven in the near-in suburbs of Atlanta. If you read about the restaurant it was started nearly 40 years ago and changed hands about 10 years ago. Reading some of the online reviews, some folks say nothing has changed including the decor of the inside of the restaurant. I will say it seems to me they are holding strong to the original BBQ recipes, but they have definitely put some effort into updating the building, or at least it appears so to me. Evidence of change is visible.



I will say this place is very much the classic Georgia style of barbecue, chopped pork (hams) and brunswick stew are the center of attention. All in all I thought the food was solid. The restaurant was empty besides one other visitor when I stopped on a Friday evening after 6, but a few folks came in and out to get some to go. I suppose they do more of their business during lunch, at least I hope so considering the loneliness of the place on Friday evening. So back to the food. I tried the combo plate which got me 2 ribs, some chopped pork, slaw, stew and 2 slices of white bread.



The pork comes covered in their vinegar based sauce and a warm sidecar of it as well. I liked the sauce – they keep it simple, no issues here with 6 different sauces on the table and trying to figure out which one you like, aside from a bottle of red pepper sauce and some more of the vinegar sauce on the table, it’s this or nothing, and this was pretty good. The chopped pork had flavor on it’s own and was not soggy, nor greasy. The ribs on the other hand didn’t show me much; pretty dull aside from the slather of sauce (which was not the vinegar sauce). The slaw is a creamy slaw, and they hit it with a little dill, but it was very mildly dill flavored. Stew was tangy and mild, lots of pork, corn, and tomatoes. I ate it all, and would go back for more. No ground meat in it, which is in my opinion a good thing.

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This place has been around a long time, and frankly if they keep making good pork and stew they should stick around, so go give it a try and go back again and again. It really is an old brick pit, you can see it right behind the counter as soon as you walk in the door. Some folks have said online that if you go you will smell like the pit the rest of the day. That did not happen to me, but you could smell the smoke outside – always a good thing.




Anna’s BBQ, Kirkwood

I made my first visit to Anna’s BBQ in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta this weekend, and I have to say it was quite good, definitely work a visit.


Anna’s is clearly a family run joint with family photos on the wall and mama in the kitchen cooking up some good ‘cue and sides. I had the ribs combo with pulled pork, Mac-n-cheese and collards. The ribs had a great smoke ring and were almost falling off the bone…some bbq judge might think they released the bone to easily, but I was the judge Saturday and I judge them delicious.


The pulled pork was tender, but with some great crispy bites from the outside of the butt. They put sauce on the pork and ribs, and there’s only one bbq sauce on the table, aside from a bottle of hot sauce. If you want to control your sauce, make sure to ask for the meat dry. However, the sauce, simple as it was too choose from one, was good; A little sweet, a little tangy, and nothin’ to shake a stick at. It was a good compliment to the meat.


Sides were good too, the Mac-n-cheese was a tad bland for my liking, but still good. I hit it with a dash of salt and was good to go. It’s real baked Mac, not some of the Velveeta slop some places try to pass off as macaroni and cheese. The collards were meaty, and a dash of pepper vinegar from the table bottle made them even better. My big old plate of food came with just one small cornbread muffin, I wish I had three it was so good, this is my kind of cornbread, reminded me of the muffins Weaver D makes over in Athens.



All-in-all, my first impression of Anna’s is that it’s a solid bbq joint where you will leave with a full belly and satisfied taste buds. The menu is fairly broad with ribs, pork, chicken, rib tips, wings, and I think brisket. A sign on the wall said they have a fried chicken special on Fridays, 3 full wings fried, and some sides. I want to go back for the fried wings!



Dreamland Atlanta burns

Dreamland BBQ in Gwinnett Co. / Peachtree Corners burns to the ground. Not a great loss as the one time we went there the food was terrible, the server admitted they used frozen Stouffer’s mac-n-cheese, and my wife got food poisoning from the crappy food.

Bone Lick BBQ opens in West Midtown Atlanta today

I had Mike’s Bone Lick BBQ one time at it’s former home P’cheen, just up the street from where I work… I know it’s a shame I did not go more often! Well now I can get it anytime of the week rather than just Monday nights, because they are open on the west side, and if the BBQ wasn’t enough, there is a skeeball machine too!

update: article on the AJC saying much the same – BLBBQ is open for business.

If only it were a hickory tree

In the crazy wind and rain last night that was dropping trees all over the place, across Atlanta, Fox Bros. BBQ got hit by one and the restaurant is temporarily closed.  Hopefully they can open again sooner rather than later! And video here. And more photos like the one below.

Manuel’s Tavern BBQ sandwich

So I haven’t made it to any barbeque joints, shacks, restaurants, or the like in a while, but Friday we night stopped at the venerable Manuel’s Tavern at the corner of North and Highland for some dinner. I decided to try their self proclaimed Memphis Style bbq sandwich. The pork was thin sliced, not pulled or chopped. It was tender with a nice bite of black pepper. The sauce was sweet and piled on. I would actually recommend getting it with sauce on the side. The sandwich was topped with slaw, a standard cabbage-carrot mix with some green pepper too. With some of the other sides Manuel’s offers you could make it a real ‘bbq plate’ if you wanted. It’s solid bar food and a reasonable bbq sandwich, if you are in the neighborhood.


Manuel's BBQ sandwich

Harold’s BBQ

65 YEARS is a long time to make some BBQ. So if you haven’t heard, Harold’s BBQ, and Atlanta Institution is closing for good at the end of the week. I made my only visit to Harold’s just about two years ago. I recall it being fine, but not exceptional, but I could understand why people would return time and time again. It’s sad to see something that’s been around as long as Harold’s has, now going on to the big smoker in the sky. Hopefully they have a nice send-ff this week.