Blue Smoke

Today I went to Nationals Park to see the Braves beat the Nats in game one of the doubleheader – go Braves! While at the park I saw they had a bbq stand called Blue Smoke. I had already eaten one overpriced ballpark food item and then debated fries or pork, fries or pork? Ultimately I ended up getting some overpriced fries, and just took a photo of the Blue Smoke stand. Blue Smoke was between Shake Shack and Box Frites – all three part of the same Union Square Hospitality Group out of NYC. My Box Frites were good enough, and if it counts I did get the Chipotle Barbeque dipping sauce. I am kind of glad I did not end up going for the pork sandwich, as I doubt they are succeeding with the same quality product as they would serve in the Blue Smoke restaurant in NYC- not that everything you read on the internet is true, but the Yelp reviews for Blue Smoke at the Nats stadium are pretty lackluster at best. I will say however that I have had a burger from a proper Shake Shack restaurant before and I saw some SS burgers at the stadium that looked pretty true to the real thing…so maybe all stadium food is not a half representation of the original. Anyway this post is more about a drive-by of a bbq joint that an actual tasting, but at least if you are headed to Nationals Park anytime soon, then you know what’s there and can try it for yourself.