No. 58 Pit Stop Bar-B-Que & Grill

No. 58 on my list – yep as I do some backlogging these will be out of order.

Pit Stop Bar-B-Que & Grill in Tifton, Georgia. On my way back from a quick visit to the Florida panhandle I stopped in Tifton, GA for some BBQ. My trusty smart phone pulled up a few places, I did a drive by of one that seemed a bit too neon-new-and drive through to me, so I wandered on up the highway to the next on the list – Pit Stop. It was a Monday night, so noting a number of cars in the parking lot with local county license plates made me think this might be a place worth stopping.

Inside it was definitely the old-timers crowd – most every table could have been my grandparents. The menu is as the name goes, a mix of BBQ and grill, I saw some folks with reasonable good looking burgers nearby, but I was there for the ‘cue. Trying not to overindulge since I still had a few hours left in the car, I went with a side salad – fresh, crisp, but just your run of the mill iceberg and tomato with some cucs, carrots and cheese; it was fine. I had to laugh though when they brought the dressing on the side (and no I wasn’t being high maintenance and asking for it in the side) as it was a jug full! Think the syrup pourer at the Waffle House or Pancake House, but multiply the size by three or four times. it was o LOT of dressing.

Anyway, on to dinner. I got the regular pork sandwich with a side of slaw and fried okra. I like all of it well enough. the okra had a fairly dense batter, but it was still good. The slaw was a bit more sweet and wet (mayo based) but fine. the pork sandwich was good too. Nothing was standout, I didn’t feel compelled to make a stop in the future to try anything else, but it wasn’t bad. I only had one sauce option, and the best I could describe it was closer to a KC Masterpiece flavor, a bit dark and sweet with a fair amount of molasses, or so it seemed. Did not love it.

These guys also fall into the category of ‘serving fries’ but I won’t hold it against them, since they do have a bigger menu than just BBQ.

There are clearly other places in Tifton, unless I start doing more work in Florida or South, Georgia, that might be my one and only BBQ experience in that area for some time. I’d call it average but it certainly keeps the locals coming back for more (and actually I was down that way again just this week, passed by at noon and the place was packed with work trucks).