Greater Good BBQ is Good

We made a lunch stop at the relatively new Greater Good BBQ in the Oakhurst / East Lake neighborhoods today.  I do believe this is the 2nd outpost of GGBBQ that started over in Tucker. We were very pleasantly and genuinely greeted when we arrived.  The restaurant is bright and happy, with a big patio that will be nice on summer nights. Though you walk right in to the counter and cash register, the restaurant is full table service.

We tried the pulled pork, ribs, collards, baked beans, and mac n cheese. All was very good, the meat was moist, tender, with a nice balance of smoke and bar; good without sauce and well complimented with any of the 4 sauces. I favored the Carolina sauce and the Hot. The hot seemed to have a good kick of cumin, whatever it was, I liked it.

The mac n chesse was good and clearly baked, where as the baked beans are not baked. There is also an overly earthiness to the beans. I think it might be an over abundance of celery seed, maybe even some green pepper helping to pump the savory taste. I’ve run into this flavor in the beans at other places. I’m not a huge fan, I like sweeter baked beans as opposed to the more savory stewed beans. You get some white bread with a meat plate, but it’s not just a slice, it is a delicious, lightly grilled piece of TX toast. 

We’ll definitely be back.  The prices are good and more importantly the food is really good, and the service was great. 


More BBQ franchises coming soon?

Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt

I haven’t been to Daddy Dz BBQ Joynt in years…to be honest, maybe not since 2003 or 2004, but on the way back home form the Sweet Auburn BBQ visit today we drive by and I snapped a few photos of the place. They say “we ain’t pretty, but we’re good!” It’s a shamble shack alright, but I like the look!

No. 60 Sweet Auburn BBQ

No. 60 Sweet Auburn BBQ

On this 80 degree winter day, St. Patrick’s Day actually, after doing some yard work, I decided to go find some new BBQ for lunch. So, I took the boy and we headed to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in downtown Atlanta for our first taste of Sweet Auburn BBQ. These guys run some food trucks and cater events too, but they opened the counter in the Curb Market in the last year or two.

They do Pork, Chicken, and Brisket, and apparently some pretty good chili since they won the 2011 Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp chili cook-off. Today we tried the pork ribs and pulled pork sandwich, with a few different sides. First the meats. I liked the pulled pork, good flavor, though not smokey…I sort of wonder if they actually smoke or not, the web site says they do, but if so it is very subtle. No pink ring on the meat, but definitely tender with good edge pieces. I don’t know that I would go as far as calling it bark, but certainly a crisp outer layer. It might have been the slightest bit dry, but one dip in the sauce and all concerns were gone. The sandwich is served on two slices of Texas Toast – I like it, and so did my bread loving boy…downed both pieces of toast quickly.

The ribs, they left something to be desired. They are wet ribs, which is fine, but they needed more time in the cooker (their web site say 12hrs in one place and 3hrs in another, but I a not sure mine saw 3 hours). I had a half rack and tried to pull the first long rib off, the bone came out but the meat did not come apart easily. Luckily I had a pocket knife today, as I had to cut each rib off to eat. They were OK, but if they are always this way I would not order them again. I really think they needed a bit more time in the cooker to be a bit more tender. As I worked my way to the end of the line, I jumped to the very end and shortest ribs where the meat seemed to have gotten to the proper finish and was much better than the middle ribs.

We tried 3 sauces, a St. Louis, a Sweet and Smokey, and a Honey Mustard. the Honey Mustard seemed more like a salad dressing than a BBQ sauce; I mean it had nice flavor, but not what I think of for a “yellow” sauce. The other two were good, very similar consistency, one with more spice than the other.

All of the sides get thumbs up. The mac-n-cheese is made with rigatoni and is clearly a baked mac, not one of the soupy velveeta messes you might come across. The Jamaican Jerk Collards were tender, and not over cooked, and had just enough of a peppery bite to them. The honey baked beans were very good, some of the better I’ve had in a long time; rich with a honey brown sugar flavor. Every meal comes with a sample of slaw too. It’s heavy on the celery seed, very crispy, and refreshing. If it were a little wetter, I wouldn’t complain.

All in all a solid BBQ joint, in a cool place. I’ll try more offerings in the future as I work close enough to walk over for lunch. Maybe next time a veggie plate to sample some of the other sides that sounded good, oh and I will certainly need to try their chili. Portions were large and the staff was exceptionally nice. Give them a try!

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No. 58 Pit Stop Bar-B-Que & Grill

No. 58 on my list – yep as I do some backlogging these will be out of order.

Pit Stop Bar-B-Que & Grill in Tifton, Georgia. On my way back from a quick visit to the Florida panhandle I stopped in Tifton, GA for some BBQ. My trusty smart phone pulled up a few places, I did a drive by of one that seemed a bit too neon-new-and drive through to me, so I wandered on up the highway to the next on the list – Pit Stop. It was a Monday night, so noting a number of cars in the parking lot with local county license plates made me think this might be a place worth stopping.

Inside it was definitely the old-timers crowd – most every table could have been my grandparents. The menu is as the name goes, a mix of BBQ and grill, I saw some folks with reasonable good looking burgers nearby, but I was there for the ‘cue. Trying not to overindulge since I still had a few hours left in the car, I went with a side salad – fresh, crisp, but just your run of the mill iceberg and tomato with some cucs, carrots and cheese; it was fine. I had to laugh though when they brought the dressing on the side (and no I wasn’t being high maintenance and asking for it in the side) as it was a jug full! Think the syrup pourer at the Waffle House or Pancake House, but multiply the size by three or four times. it was o LOT of dressing.

Anyway, on to dinner. I got the regular pork sandwich with a side of slaw and fried okra. I like all of it well enough. the okra had a fairly dense batter, but it was still good. The slaw was a bit more sweet and wet (mayo based) but fine. the pork sandwich was good too. Nothing was standout, I didn’t feel compelled to make a stop in the future to try anything else, but it wasn’t bad. I only had one sauce option, and the best I could describe it was closer to a KC Masterpiece flavor, a bit dark and sweet with a fair amount of molasses, or so it seemed. Did not love it.

These guys also fall into the category of ‘serving fries’ but I won’t hold it against them, since they do have a bigger menu than just BBQ.

There are clearly other places in Tifton, unless I start doing more work in Florida or South, Georgia, that might be my one and only BBQ experience in that area for some time. I’d call it average but it certainly keeps the locals coming back for more (and actually I was down that way again just this week, passed by at noon and the place was packed with work trucks).